Cassia Rye Hanton MS

Cassia Rye Hanton, M.S.

Cassia is an avid space enthusiast and supporter of humanity’s exploration out into the cosmos. As a medical scientist with degrees in Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology, her interests focus on the performance of the human body in extreme environments, including spaceflight, and physiological adaptations to limited gravity. She has worked at the Aquarius undersea habitat 60 feet underwater off the coast of Florida which serves as an analog to the extreme environment of space. Cassia also worked on NASA’s extreme environment mission operations (NEEMO) NEEMO 13 mission where she studied the immune response of astronaut’s when living in a confined environment replica of the International Space Station. Cassia currently works as a manager of medical clinical research studies and is interested in running clinical studies of normal participants in spaceflight (not just ultra-healthy astronauts) as commercial spaceflight becomes more widespread. In her freetime she enjoys SCUBA diving, roller blading, reading and hiking with her dog. Cassia and her husband Rick have been active with the Yuris Night promotion of human spaceflight for over 5 years. Rock the Planet.