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60 Years in Space

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60 years in Space Celebration.

This year will mark 60 years since the first human flew to space, after Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin’s pioneering space flight in April 1961.

Gagarin became a hero throughout the Soviet Union and a powerful symbol for the Soviet government.

In orbit for 100 minutes, newsreels of the day reported on how Gagarin described sights never before seen by man.

“The Earth looked a delicate blue, floating in a black sky. So said the first man in space after his fabulous journey of 108 minutes, Major Yuri Gagarin. A 27-year-old Soviet Air Force officer whose name will live in history.”


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2021-Apr-12 @ 07:15 PM (GMT+0000) to
2021-Apr-12 @ 08:30 PM (GMT+0000)

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