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Yuri’s Night Canada

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A fun livestream celebrating 60 years of human spaceflight, since the first by Yuri Gagarin, April 12th, 1961.

On the actual day of Yuri’s first Spaceflight, we will be livestreaming interviews of space experts, showcasing Canada’s space involvements and raising excitement for the future of space exploration. It’s meant to be fun, educational, and interactive!

We’ve also got some SUPER SPECIAL SUPRRISES we can’t wait to share. Tune in to find out what they are!

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The GUESTS and their TOPICS

? CanadArm and Robotics
Kristen Facciol: Flight Controller, Mission Control Group – Canadian Space Agency

? Imaging Black Holes
Daryl Haggard, PhD: Professor of Physics – McGill University

✈️ What Zero Gravity Feels Like
Dianea Phillips: Aerospace Educator – Science Yourself! No G’s About It!

? James Webb Telescope
Nathalie Ouellette, PhD: Astrophysicist, Science Communicator – iREx

? Music From Data
Matt Russo, PhD: Astrophysicist, Educator, Musician – University of Toronto



Shaziana Kaderali:
McGill University Graduate Candidate in Spaceflight Dynamics Engineering for SSA, Shaziana aims to bridge the gap between disciplines and knowledge. She believes there’s a place in space for everyone.

Trevor Kjorlien:
Space Educator and Urban Astronomer based in Montréal, Trevor runs Plateau Astro, a space outreach company teaching people the magic we can see even in light-polluted environments.

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Time Zone - UTC-4

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2021-Apr-12 @ 07:30 PM (GMT+0000) to
2021-Apr-12 @ 09:00 PM (GMT+0000)

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